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Taking Action- Our healthy mind, body and spirit festival

Taking Action on PhotoPeach

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God’s Creation

We explored our beautiful world and then illustrated and wrote a prayer to say “Thank You”.

God’s Creation from Christine Page on Vimeo.

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Footy Day

Footy Day on PhotoPeach


Happy Holidays To All

Try some of our inexpensive holiday ideas.

Remember to always ask an adult first.

Go to your cousin’s house. Jacob

Go to the beach.  Tyra, Gabriella, and Phoebe   

Build a cubby house with your brothers or sisters. Thomas and Daniel.

Play footy. Charlie H and Charlie O

Go to your beach house.  Heidi

Turn your house into the movies.  Mikaela

If you have a pool, play in your pool.  Sophie

Play in your backyard or make up an outside game. Charli

Go to your best friend’s house and stay there all day. Penny

Pop some popcorn and have a movie at home. Abbey

Have a sleep over in your sister’s room or go for a ride on your scooter. Audrey

Ride your cool bike. By Hayden

Go to the park and play. By Henry

Skid in the mud. By Luca I

Do some cooking. Angelica.   

Help mum chop the veggies. By Ashton

Invite a friend over to play. Sam.

Watch TV and play with my friend. Jed.

Play on my I pad. Joseph.

Help Mum clean the house. Luca Q

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1/2 PW are showing respect in lots of different ways.


 Thomas feeds the cat every day.


Henry listens to his parents.


Gabriella gets ready when her Mum asks her.


Luca uses his manners by saying “Please” and “Thank you”.


Ashton feeds his dog in the morning.


Jacob and Hayden set the table for dinner.


Charlie does what his Mum and Dad tell him.




In Maths we are learning about division. In division we share materials to make equal groups. We used 24 unifix blocks and shared them into equal groups. We drew a picture of the equal groups then we wrote the equation to show what we did. We found out that there are many different ways to share 24 things into equal groups.



Book Week 2012 ‘Champions Read’

Last week we celebrated Book Week with a Dress up Day. We dressed up as Champions and our favourite book characters. During the week we read a lot of shortlisted books. Our favourites were ‘The Runaway Hug’ and ‘Rudie Nudie’

Book week 2012slideshows
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Writing Time

In Writing we have been learning to do cartoons. In our cartoons we put pictures, speech bubbles, exclamation bubbles and thought bubbles. I think it is an easy type of writing and it’s fun. Mikaela



Potato Olympics!

The athletes have been training and are ready to go! Meet the athletes.

Potato Olympics- Meet the Athletesslideshow dvd

The events have been designed and created. The scene is set.

The eventsslideshow dvd

Let the Games Begin!

This is what we thought
This morning was the Potato Olympics. It was one of the most epic days ever! Lots of people came it was fast paced. My favourite part was when I played Swing high. When they announced the winner I was so tense. Luckily my potato, Lusinder won bronze. She was happy. I was happy too. It was the most thrilling day yet. I can’t wait until the next Olympics!
I went to some amazing events. They were very entertaining events. My favourite part was when I got a gold medal. I had an extraordinary time. We were very happy. Mr Man competed in the Bob Sled, trampoline and my game. Antonio won a gold medal. Mr Goo won a gold medal.
This morning our fantastic parents came to see the Potato Olympics.
Everyone made an event and a potato.
My potato was Liesel, she wore a purple dress, and it looked beautiful.
I played lots of events.
My favourite part was when me and my potato got wet.
I learned that f you do not win you do not get sad.
This morning my dad came for the Potato Olympics.
We played 5 games.
One was diving, archery, trampoline, and swimming.
My potato won 2 Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze.
My potato’s name was Eddie.
Eddie thought it was amazing, I did too, so did my dad but I liked it the best when I got wet.
The Potato Olympics was so entertaining because I won Silver and a Gold!
I did swimming, trampoline, and gymnastics.
Roland, my potato was so good, I had fun.
First I pushed my Potato and it was a win for me!
There were three in my group, although I had fun all morning, I won a few times like Jacob.
In ½ PW we are so creative.
My potato likes chocolates and fruit, he also eats Wheat Bix.
He’s good at water polo and running and also swimming and diving.
He wants to cheat but he’s to nice to people goes good in Olympics.
So he never ever cheats!
Okay, he’s so nice so never blame him.
Okay, he also eats veggies.

This morning my creative class had our exciting Potato Olympic morning.
My mum and my forever young sister also came.
My favourite part was when I did my play with Penny and Heidi. We went first and performed our show, and then finished our entertaining funny show at the end.
Then some other students did a song or a play or also a magnificent interesting story.
There were lots of entertaining games and events for our great creative potatoes.
When my non-working event didn’t work, I just didn’t give up on my creative event because I made my own extraordinary event.
My potato’s name was Stephanie.
Today it was very cloudy.
We got to play each others brilliant Potato Olympics games.
Sam and I had a great time playing all the games. Sam enjoyed playing water polo.
It was a fantastic.
This morning our fantastic parents came in to watch our excellent Olympic events and some did not work like mine but it was still fun.
My potato Chloe is brilliant at swimming; Chloe tried some different things like gymnastics.
She was the winner of gymnastics.
My mum came in this morning and I tried it before her and I told her it did not work when I showed her.

First I showed my mum my game.
I was a little bit worried because the day before that I couldn’t stick the sponge on, but it worked and I was amazed.
It was brilliant seeing other people’s games and how the other games worked.
It was entertaining and extraordinary.
I loved how people decorated their games.
My favourite part was watching plays and songs.


Potato Olympics

1/2PW have created their own Spudlete to compete in the Potato Olympics on Friday. What is the Potato Olympics all about? The students have developed their potato into a character in preparation for its entry into their own specially designed potato Olympic events. Students will have to measure their potato in various ways and produce measurements that will allow the efforts of their potato athletes to be compared. All this measurement will produce data which will be displayed, analysed and reported. What a fun way to investigate Maths!

potaotoesslideshow dvd

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