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Our Systems Learning Expo

on August 14, 2014

This term we have been researching different systems. We have found out that A system is a set of interrelated parts that work together or combine to make a whole.

The system doesn’t work well if one part is not working.

Changes to one part of the system can affect the WHOLE system.

  • A system has structure, it contains parts are directly or indirectly related to each other;
  • A system has behaviour, it exhibits processes that fulfill its function or purpose;
  • A system has interconnectivity: the parts and processes are connected.

We all researched and explained a system of our choice – View the slide show to discover more

Our System Learning ExpoVideo Maker

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  1. indiaphfmw says:

    Dear 2/3pw,
    I love this video especially when my photo came up it made me laugh. All these videos are amazing. Keep it up Mrs Walsh and Mrs Page.
    From India

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