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What are we up to in Term 3?

on July 16, 2014

3 Responses to “What are we up to in Term 3?”

  1. jessicaphfmw says:

    I enjoyed singing the songs and dancing on stage at the concert. I especially liked getting dressed up and wearing make up. It made me feel good when the crowd clapped and cheered after our performance. I also liked performing with all my school friends on stage.

    From Jessica P.

  2. eliasthfmw says:

    My favourite song was ‘jolly holiday. Thomas was great at playing Mr Banks, he was very funny! I liked it when every one clapped at the end of each song that we sang, I really loved singing and I wished I could have been in more songs. GOOD JOB EVERYONE! Congratulations
    Mrs Mitchell.
    From Elias .T.

  3. oliviamuhfmw says:

    i really liked Supercalisrigilisticexpiodocious because i was in it.
    Olivia.M. 🙂 😛 :O 🙂

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