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Summarising with Anthony Browne

on November 29, 2013

This term we have been learning to summarise what we read. To summarise means to recall the main facts or parts of the story. We have been reading and summarising Anthony Browne books. We love his stories and illustrations. Read some of our summaries and book reviews.

Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel’s parents went wood chopping and promised that they would come back and take them home in time.But, they didn’t, so the children set off right away by themselves. Their step mother answered the door and they lived happily ever after. You should read this book because they had lots of adventurers! by Zara and Gabriella.

Willy and Hugh
Everybody had friends but Willy. No one let him join in any games. Minding his own business one day, he made a friend. His friend’s name was Hugh. They went to the park and had a wonderful time. A great story about friendship. A must read. by Fionn

Hannah loved gorillas. She read everything about gorillas. Her dad was very busy, he never took her anywhere. On her birthday there was a huge surprise! Read the book to find out!
By Jacob

Silly Billy
There was a boy called Billy. He worried about everything. His mother and father tried to calm him down, but it didn’t work. One day he went to tell his grandma he couldn’t sleep. She had worry dolls and gave them to him to put them under his pillow to stop the worries. Read on to find out if they worked! By Noah

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  1. Miss Morris says:

    Wow year 1! I really like your summaries. You have thought carefully about the main events in the stories you have read.
    We are a year 1 class too from Bolton, England. Have a look at our class blog:

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