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Our Community Inquiry

on May 1, 2013

In Term One we were involved in finding out “How can we create a great community?”. We participated in many activities and experiences to try and answer these questions:
What is a good community?
What are the different communities?
How can we be involved in different communities?
Who is part of a community?
What are the different roles in the community?
What is my role and how does it impact on the community?
Why does every community have rules and responsibilities?

We went on a walk around our local community and visited many places.
We had many visitors come to talk to us about their role in the community like a policeman, fireman, AFL football player, John King from St.Vinnes, Deakin Lock
We created our own communities making sure we included all of the important services that make a great community.
We made our own community pledges and video which demonstrated how we can help make a great community.

My community Movie from Rena Walsh on Vimeo.

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