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Miss Kempton

Miss Kempton is a lovely, beautiful student teacher who visits us every Wednesday. Miss Kempton is very nice to all of us and is cool. She helps us to learn. Miss Kempton’s favourite marine animal is a seahorse and her favourite colour is red. She barracks for Carlton and her favourite food is mangoes.

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Writing about and Creating Marine Animals

Octopuses are boneless, creatures that live in the ocean.
Octopuses have a soft body, and 8 arms. Two gills removes
the oxygen from the water. Octopuses may live in holes or rocks.
An octopus, is adept at swimming backwoods, they eat other sea
Animals. The specials thing about them is they don’t eat humans

Jellyfish shoot out water which makes it glide through the water.
Jellyfish eat fish, shrimp, crabs, tiny plants and will even eat other jellyfish!
There are many types of jellyfish. Not all jellyfish are dangerous.
A box jellyfish is the most toxic to humans. Their tentacles are as long 33 meters.
Jellyfish are in the jellyfish family. They look like plastic bags in the water.
Jellyfish look like dancing mushrooms. Jellyfish can be pink, blue, purple and brown.
Jellyfish live in cold and warm water and in deep water.

Star fish belong to the sea star family.
Star fish have 5 tentacles shaped like a star. They have suction caps under their tentacles so they can stick onto rocks or shells. They come in lots of colours and sizes. Some are bright and stand out in the sea. Others camouflage and are hard to see. Star fish live in the oceans.

Sea turtles are a reptile from the sea turtles family.
Sea turtles have a hard shell and squishy body.
Sea turtles live in the ocean and they move by flapping their flippers.
They eat jellyfish. The special thing about them is that they don’t eat

Sea turtles are reptiles and part of the sea turtle family. Sea Turtles have rough hard, shells and feels smooth.
They live in the ocean and move slow and steady, and they dine on Jellyfish and fish
When they have hatched they pop out of the sand and head straight to the ocean. The females wait till they are until grown – up. The males never leave the sea.

Jellyfish live in the sea and are found in all oceans.
They look like dancing mushrooms. They look like swimming pies. They have no brains or no heart, blood or a nervous system. Some jellyfish live in fresh water. Jellyfish live over 100000. Not all jellyfish are dangerous.

There are lots of kinds of octopus in the sea.
Octopuses have 8 legs. Octopuses can camouflage in to their homes. Some live in deep water and some live shallow water.
Some octopuses live in caves and shoot water from their water pistol!
Octopuses eat fish.
The octopuses shoot out ink if scared.
If a tentacle is cut off it will grow back!

A Harp Seal is an intelligent animal that belongs to the seal family.
Harp Seals have dark saddle like marking on the back and side of their light yellow or grey bodies of the adults. Females are a little smaller then the male. Harp Seals live in the icy waters of the north Atlantic and arctic oceans. Baby seals are born on pack ice.
Harp Seals flap their flippers up and down to move in water and waddle on land. Harp Seals eat fish and
Crustaceans at 300 feet (90 meters) and may dive to nearly 1,000 feet (300 meters). Harp Seal mothers are able to identify their babies by smell. Pups don’t have any blubber at birth, but quickly gain weight nursing on high-fat mothers milk. When the pups reach about 80 pounds (36 kilograms) the mother stops nursing them.

Jellyfish are classified in the phyium coeientevata which means they have a very simple body. Food comes in and waste goes out.
What does it look like? Jellyfish look like dancing mushrooms.
Where does it live? Jellyfish live in bays ,seas ,creeks, sand and lakes.
What does it eat? fish crab sea weed jellyfish.

The great white sharks belong to the fish family and are related to stingrays.
A Great white shark’s mouth has razor sharp teeth in jagged rows. It is coloured grey and white. It has a dorsal fin. Great white sharks live in oceans across the world. Great white sharks move by using their fins. Great white sharks eat fish, seals and sea lions. The biggest Great white was seven metres long.

Stingrays are closely related to sharks. Some are harmless. Sting rays look like a hammer. Stingrays live in warm tropical parts in the ocean. A sting ray can camouflage in its surroundings.

It is an octopus. Octopuses have 8 legs and a soft body. On their eight arms octopuses have suctions. They use these to eat seaweed and they live in the ocean.

A dolphin is a mammal.
There are many different types of dolphins.
On the back it has flukes, peduncle and a blow hole, melon, rostrum, pectoral flipper and dorsal fin.
Dolphins can be found all over the Pacific Ocean.
They move by making their flukes go up down, up down. Their body goes up down, up down when they do this.
They eat fish.
A dolphin can jump six metres high. That is like a great white shark standing on his tale. That’s how high a dolphin can jump!



Our Community Inquiry

In Term One we were involved in finding out “How can we create a great community?”. We participated in many activities and experiences to try and answer these questions:
What is a good community?
What are the different communities?
How can we be involved in different communities?
Who is part of a community?
What are the different roles in the community?
What is my role and how does it impact on the community?
Why does every community have rules and responsibilities?

We went on a walk around our local community and visited many places.
We had many visitors come to talk to us about their role in the community like a policeman, fireman, AFL football player, John King from St.Vinnes, Deakin Lock
We created our own communities making sure we included all of the important services that make a great community.
We made our own community pledges and video which demonstrated how we can help make a great community.

My community Movie from Rena Walsh on Vimeo.

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