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Footy Day

Footy Day on PhotoPeach


Happy Holidays To All

Try some of our inexpensive holiday ideas.

Remember to always ask an adult first.

Go to your cousin’s house. Jacob

Go to the beach.  Tyra, Gabriella, and Phoebe   

Build a cubby house with your brothers or sisters. Thomas and Daniel.

Play footy. Charlie H and Charlie O

Go to your beach house.  Heidi

Turn your house into the movies.  Mikaela

If you have a pool, play in your pool.  Sophie

Play in your backyard or make up an outside game. Charli

Go to your best friend’s house and stay there all day. Penny

Pop some popcorn and have a movie at home. Abbey

Have a sleep over in your sister’s room or go for a ride on your scooter. Audrey

Ride your cool bike. By Hayden

Go to the park and play. By Henry

Skid in the mud. By Luca I

Do some cooking. Angelica.   

Help mum chop the veggies. By Ashton

Invite a friend over to play. Sam.

Watch TV and play with my friend. Jed.

Play on my I pad. Joseph.

Help Mum clean the house. Luca Q

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1/2 PW are showing respect in lots of different ways.


 Thomas feeds the cat every day.


Henry listens to his parents.


Gabriella gets ready when her Mum asks her.


Luca uses his manners by saying “Please” and “Thank you”.


Ashton feeds his dog in the morning.


Jacob and Hayden set the table for dinner.


Charlie does what his Mum and Dad tell him.



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