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on August 29, 2012

In Maths we are learning about division. In division we share materials to make equal groups. We used 24 unifix blocks and shared them into equal groups. We drew a picture of the equal groups then we wrote the equation to show what we did. We found out that there are many different ways to share 24 things into equal groups.


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  1. adickson says:

    Hi 1/2PW,
    What fantastic mathematicians you all are! 24 is a great number you can divide. There are so many ways you can divide it. 24 shared between 2 groups, 3 groups, 4 groups, 6 groups, 8 groups and 12 groups.
    Keep up e great work!
    From Miss Dickson

  2. kfitt says:

    Hello 1/2 PW,
    We are doing division as well!!!!
    We did an activity like that also.

    We have a compliments bucket.Every time some one gives a compliment we put a counter in the bucket. We divided the counters into groups of 10. We had forty two groups of 10!!!!!
    Can you work out how many compliments were given in our class?

    Grace and Mrs Fitt

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