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Potato Olympics

on August 5, 2012

1/2PW have created their own Spudlete to compete in the Potato Olympics on Friday. What is the Potato Olympics all about? The students have developed their potato into a character in preparation for its entry into their own specially designed potato Olympic events. Students will have to measure their potato in various ways and produce measurements that will allow the efforts of their potato athletes to be compared. All this measurement will produce data which will be displayed, analysed and reported. What a fun way to investigate Maths!

potaotoesslideshow dvd

3 Responses to “Potato Olympics”

  1. Miss Dickson says:

    Hi 1/2PW!
    Your Potato Olympics sounds like lots of fun. I wonder what events the potatoes will compete in? Your potatoes are so cute I do hope that none of them will end up being mashed.
    Keep up the great work.
    From Miss Dickson

  2. Mrs Murphy says:

    Hi 1/2PW
    Potato Olympics sounds like an interesting way to learn mathematics.
    What sort of data will you be collecting on Friday at your Potato Olympics?
    I was watching the pole vaulting at the Olympics in London and the athletes were jumping 5.5 metres with the help of their pole!
    Good luck on Friday, I hope you collect lots of data to analyse.
    Mrs Murphy

  3. Charlie O'Mahony says:

    My potato loved it. So did my dad and my mum.
    My potato loves winning medals!

    By Charlie O’Mahony

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