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Another point of view

We have been learning to identify the point of view in texts and suggest other viewpoints. We discussed well known stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and identified whose point of view it was written from. Then we chose our favourite story and wrote it from another perspective. Check out our student blogs to find out the point of view of the wolf in The Three Little Pigs, the Giant’s point of view in Jack and the beanstalk, the fox’s point of view in The Gingerbread Man and many more. They will make you rethink what really happened!

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Book Week 2014

The theme for CBCA Book Week 2014 was ‘Connect to Reading’. We celebrated Book Week by reading the fantastic shortlisted books. We also had a PJ day at school as we like to connect to reading in bed!! We visited classes across the school and shared our favourite books, sharing with a buddy why we loved the book and what connections it had to us.
Our class have written some book reviews on the shortlisted books, please visit our student blogs to read our reviews and comment on what you think.

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Our Systems Learning Expo

This term we have been researching different systems. We have found out that A system is a set of interrelated parts that work together or combine to make a whole.

The system doesn’t work well if one part is not working.

Changes to one part of the system can affect the WHOLE system.

  • A system has structure, it contains parts are directly or indirectly related to each other;
  • A system has behaviour, it exhibits processes that fulfill its function or purpose;
  • A system has interconnectivity: the parts and processes are connected.

We all researched and explained a system of our choice – View the slide show to discover more

Our System Learning ExpoVideo Maker
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Our Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Concert!

A Night With the Stars!

On Friday the 1st of August the students of Holy Family put on one of the most incredible performances of the year. The adaptation of Peter Pan by the Junior grades and Mary Poppins by the Middle and Senior grades had critics calling it the stage show of a generation. As 2/3/4 students we were entrusted with some very important and significant roles in Mary Poppins. We had waiters, jockeys, hunters, chimney sweeps, a fox and Jane and Michael Banks amongst our very talented year level. We practiced really hard for months, and made sure we knew all our lines, dance moves, when to come on the stage and where to stand.
We arrived early dressed in our wonderful costumes, and had make up applied, even the boys! It was great, we felt like real stars. We waited backstage while the Junior School warmed and dazzled the audience. When we finally got our chance to perform, we walked onto the stage, found our spots and were greeted with a blinding light, rousing applause and smiles and hand waving from our families and friends. It all happened so quickly, and seemed to be over even quicker.
The entire school took the stage for the finale, we waved kites in the air and sang extra loud. Everyone seemed really happy and buzzing with excitement. I think we put on an amazing show. What do you think? What was your favourite part of the night? What was your favourite song from Mary Poppins?


What are we up to in Term 3?


Hawks in Schools Program

On Wednesday 11th June people from the Hawthorn Football club came to teach the year 3 students about healthy eating. We learnt that to be a Hawks player you need to eat healthy food and drinks. During the week we had to record any exercise we did, what we ate, how many glasses of water we drank and how many hours of sleep we had.

On Wednesday 18th June Angus Litherland showed us how to kick the football and do a handball. First we had to warm up to make sure we didn’t get injured when we were playing footy. We played lots of games that required us to use teamwork. We enjoyed playing footy with Angus.

Check out photos from the Hawks in Schools program below:

What was your favourite part of the Hawks in Schools Program?
What football team do you barrack for? Who is your favourite footy player?

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This term in our Inquiry we have been learning about systems. We have been studying the digestive system and learning about how this system works together. We worked in teams to research  the different organs of the digestive system and made the organs. Have a look at our digestive systems and information reports.

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 5

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Check out our 2/3 PW student blogs!

Mr M has been working hard with us to set up our own blogs. We have learnt how to log in and post our first welcome! We would love you to visit our blogs!

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Summarising with Anthony Browne

This term we have been learning to summarise what we read. To summarise means to recall the main facts or parts of the story. We have been reading and summarising Anthony Browne books. We love his stories and illustrations. Read some of our summaries and book reviews.

Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel’s parents went wood chopping and promised that they would come back and take them home in time.But, they didn’t, so the children set off right away by themselves. Their step mother answered the door and they lived happily ever after. You should read this book because they had lots of adventurers! by Zara and Gabriella.

Willy and Hugh
Everybody had friends but Willy. No one let him join in any games. Minding his own business one day, he made a friend. His friend’s name was Hugh. They went to the park and had a wonderful time. A great story about friendship. A must read. by Fionn

Hannah loved gorillas. She read everything about gorillas. Her dad was very busy, he never took her anywhere. On her birthday there was a huge surprise! Read the book to find out!
By Jacob

Silly Billy
There was a boy called Billy. He worried about everything. His mother and father tried to calm him down, but it didn’t work. One day he went to tell his grandma he couldn’t sleep. She had worry dolls and gave them to him to put them under his pillow to stop the worries. Read on to find out if they worked! By Noah

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Book Week 2013

Book Week 2013slideshow
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